Design management and consultancy services of Erbil Hilton Hotel, which is planned to be constructed in Erbil, are being managed in accordance with the requirements of the employer, international standards and Hilton specifications. The project, which has a total construction area of 71.000 m2 on a land of 57.000 m2, includes “a hotel tower with 20 floors, 5 separate restaurants and cafés to be operated under the Hilton brand, a leasable commercial area consisting of 25 independent sections, a private SPA facility of 2.000 m2 and a ballroom of 1100 m2 ” in its scope. A total of 210 rooms in the hotel tower are planned as “73 suites, 1 king suite and others standard rooms”. Construction works will be started when the projects are completed and approved by the employer and Hilton.

  • Contract Name :ERBIL HILTON HOTEL
  • Project Location :ERBİL /IRAQ
  • Contract Period :2015 –….
  • Contract Value : USD 1.500.000
  • Construction Area :71.000m2