KURK CONSTRUCTION was established in Turkey- Mersin in 1981, by Mehmet N. KURK. Between the years 1981 – 2001, the company undersigned many projects such as residential buildings over 1000 apartments, shopping malls, business centers and fuel station in Turkey either directly or through its affiliates. Starting from 2001, the company is carrying on its activities particularly in Iraq. Meanwhile the company became one of the leading construction companies of the region by providing services with international standards in various kinds of prestigious projects such as five star hotels, shopping centers, offices towers, institutional and official building complexes, educational campuses, villas and residences.
In addition to its activities in the construction sector since its foundation, KURK CONSTRUCTION, be in existence in ENERGY, REAL ESTATE, TOURISM and TRADE sectors with its entrepreneurial structure that developed over time, giving importance to diversity and completeness and technology investments. Within the scope of the sectors in which Kurk Construction is in operate, continuing to realization of all types of infrastructure and superstructure construction and contracting works, establishment and operation of agricultural facilities, tourism facilities, energy facilities, oil and industrial facilities; building, buying, selling and renting real estate and importing and exporting of all kinds of supplies.
Directly or through its affiliates, Kurk Real Estate Investment and Tourism Inc. and Kurmick Tourism Construction Industry and Trade Inc. companies and solution partners, together with various other companies, KURK CONSTACTION, working in all sectors where it operates, with the professional understanding that every completed project aims to improve life. KURK Construction will continue to work for a sustainable future by signing projects within people in its center.
  1. Participate in the construction and contracting works related with buildings, roads, oil stations, oil storage facilities, oil pipelines, bridges, tunnels, seaports, dams, sewerage, electricity power plants, transformer buildings, underground-overhead and underwater filling and discharging works.
  2. Participate in tenders related with all kinds of construction works of infrastructure, superstructure, petroleum infrastructure and superstructure.
  3. Participate in tenders opened domestically or abroad for the supply of materials required by the governments, institutions public, foreign and private enterprises and organizations and fulfill the requirements after taking the tenders.
  4. Participate in the construction of tourism facilities, holiday camps, accommodation facilities operate them, establish tourism businesses and rent or hire facilities established, participate in various tourism activities also including yacht tourism.
  5. Opening of oil wells; constructing all kinds of industrial plants and refinery buildings related with oil; installation of oil pipelines; construct and operate petroleum stations, manufacturing of oil tanks; manufacturing, buying, selling, export and import of chemical products used for the water treatment system of oil companies; giving all necessary services to oil companies upon their requests.
  6. Developing of design and preparation of construction drawings related with architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, giving necessary consultancy services, preparation of BOQ and quantity calculations, preparing of assessment reports, making necessary feasibility studies and research, development and economic studies related with the subject.
  7. Constructing, buying, selling, renting, hiring of real estates.
  8. Giving pledges and mortgages to its own real estates, to take pledges and mortgages from third parties, to establish the same rights.
  9. Establishing a mortgage on the personal properties of the Company’s partners and on behalf of the company, mortgaging in favor of third parties.
  10. Taking or giving services for the dealerships, agencies, distributors from the domestic and foreign firms and doing brokerage.
  11. Buying and selling transportation means, business machines and communication means such as telephone, fax, car hand and mobile phones which are in relation with its issues.
  12. Establish and operate industrial and commercial facilities, procure machine parts from domestic and abroad, rent and buy the established facilities partly or completely.
  13. Sale, import and export of all building materials, fixed or movable furniture, food materials, cleaning products, chemical products, water treatment chemicals, hardware’s, electrical and electronical products, kitchen and laundry equipment, mechanical and plumbing products and insulation products.
  14. Participating in the main capital of the companies established or to be established domestically and abroad.
  15. Working together with local and foreign capital, to establish partnerships, to be in joint ventures, to have cultural relations with domestic and foreign companies.
  16. Taking over from the size within the legislation, rent, hire and accrue the rights which are related to the company’s affairs such as patent, letters pattern, brand, technical assistance, know-how and license.
  17. Operating in free zones established and to be established.
As Kurk Construction, within the scope of work that we operate, our responsibility is to sign a sustainable future that has the human at the center by working together with our team who aim to bring life better in every project assigned with a customer-oriented approach and superior expertise understanding.
Acting with the awareness that the profitability in the long term passes from quality;
Ensuring sustainability as a trusted company in every direction;
Contributing to the development of the sectors and the economy in every sector that it operates;
Continuously and innovatively improving business results with effective engineering skills and experience;
Providing the best added value to customers with superior service understanding, experience, efficiency and on time work completion;
Beyond solving the identified problems, finding solutions to all possible problems by looking at work from different perspectives;
Targeting zero work accidents to improve the quality and efficiency of work, with aware of importance of work safety and staff health.
As a Kurk Construction, our quality policy is based on fulfilling the demands of our customers with a competitive, productive and profitable sense of work understanding, without making concession from quality and strictly obeying the legal procedures and ethical values.
The main concern is to give the fastest and the hypercorrect answer to the needs and make the construction delivery on time with the most efficient and economical use of resources. Accordingly, we aim to keep the sustainability of the developing and improving facilities and management system, and increase the performance and competitive capacity.
In order to achieve the targeted level of excellence, we prioritize the quality management and supervision in all business under our obligation. Within the scope of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, quality control activities that are carried out in accordance with international standards aims not only controlling of the existing qualifications but also improving the quality as well. In order to achieve this goal, the company management has focused on the following issues
  • Complete all activities in accordance with regulations and laws
  • Performing all activities using current methodologies and technologies
  • Taking necessary precautions related to occupational health and safety and conveying them to relevant persons.
  • Encourage a safe work environment where the personality and respectability is high,
  • To provide the necessary resources for a constantly developing business environment.
  • Setting measurable targets and regularly monitoring them.
We, as Kurk Construction continue our activities in all the sectors that we operate in accordance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System standards. Accordingly we are based on the following targets in the works that we realize:
  • Preventing the environmental pollution by decreasing the waste.
  • Improving the recovery and recycling alternatives with the effective use of natural sources.
  • Avoiding harm to all our employees who take part in our operations.
  • Complying with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements in the area that we operate.
  • Achieving continuous improvement in our HSSE performance
  • We carry on our work within the following procedures to achieve these purposes:
  • Develop and maintain management systems to identify, manage, document and monitor HSSE risks and ensure compliance with host country regulations and applicable standards
  • Set objectives and targets which promote a proactive HSSE culture throughout the organization and continual improvement in HSSE performance
  • Ensure that the requirements of our HSSE Policy and accountabilities for implementation under our HSSE management systems are communicated, understood and followed
  • Ensuring subcontractors and suppliers understand the expectations and standards of HSSE standards and encouraging them to ensure their continuity
  • Ensure HSSE risks are identified, evaluated, recorded and mitigated through the design and operation of facilities and the planning and implementation of activities
  • Maintain a safe place and systems of work, free from recognized hazards that are likely to cause injury, illness or damage to the environment
  • Maintain asset integrity through design and engineering and application of appropriate maintenance, inspection and operations procedures
  • Ensure any risks introduced through changes to facilities, equipment, procedures or organization are assessed and managed.
  • Maintain emergency response procedures and resources in place and regularly test to reduce the impact of any incident or emergency situation.
  • Monitor, measure, assess, correct and report on HSSE performance on a regular basis
  • Promote a business culture in which all incidents and near misses are openly reported and investigated, corrective actions are taken and effectiveness of those actions are verified.
  • Periodically review and audit the compliance and effectiveness of HSSE policy, management system, the compliance its targets and objectives.
KURK REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT AND TOURISM INC. Kurk Real Estate Investment and Tourism Inc. was established in 2012 by the partners and the shareholders of our company. Establishment aim is to develop tourism investments in Turkey and carry out these types of investments.
KURMICK TOURISM CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. Kurmick Company was established in 2011 to invest in tourism in Iraq and to develop projects on this area. 82% of the company is owned by Kurk Construction and 18% by Iraqi Middle East Investment Company.