We have undertaken the tender of the electro-mechanical and finishing works of “EMPIRE WORLD WEST DIAMOND RESIDENCES AND SHOPS” project that is located in Iraq- Erbil, in which the reinforced concrete works and partly the masonry works have already been completed.

  • The executions related with the finishing works get started.
  • Within the project having a total closed construction area of 105.000 m2;
  • The whole of the 2-storey basement is used as a closed car parking area,
  • Above the closed car parking area; there is a 2-storey commercial block including retail areas, another 2-storey block to be used as clinic and another 1-storey block to be used as fire station,
  • Above the block of retail areas, there are 3 residential towers, the height of each is changing between 21 and 23 stories and including 648 residential units.
  • The project is scheduled to be completed in July 2021.
  • Project Location :ERBIL/IRAQ
  • Client :
  • Contract Period :2019/2021
  • Contract Value :
  • Construction Area :105.000 m2
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