Kürk Construction is continuing its initiatives with the aim of signing new investments in the sectors in which it operates. Negotiations with the private parties and official institutions are continuing intensively in the field of domestic and foreign studies to take the positive results of these initiatives.

In order to make the necessary land allocations for the investment project including the shopping mall, hotel, residence and office towers that we planned to start in South Iraq, negotiations with the landowners and high level officials have come to the decision stage. In addition, negotiations with landowners and official authorities are continuing with other parcels in the region where we plan to have similar investment initiatives.

Kurk Construction also works on different projects that will add value to the city’s identity in Mersin, where its head office is located. Concept project and 3D visuals works related with the project, which includes shopping mall, housing and hotel blocks and an attractive environmental planning have been completed and presented to the landowners and official authorities. After the approval of the project by the relevant parties, the construction process will be started after the preparation of the application projects. Except to this project, studies on larger-scale urban transformation projects and negotiations with relevant authorities are continuing.